Since 2010 we have been attending music at IHPT. Having a child with special needs can be very challenging at times. Music therapy is a part of my son’s weekly schedule. Music is great for voice control, controlling movements and focus. Therabeat has not only helped our son overcome some challenges through music, but has helped our family learn new ways to cope with challenges that arise often. Therabeat is an amazing program for children. I have referred several families to Therabeat. Thank you to the whole Therabeat staff for all your hard work.
— -E. Thomas

Through group music our students are learning important language, listening and memory skills while experiencing the joy of rhythm, movement and music! I am so thankful to Therabeat,Inc. at In Harmony Pediatric Therapy for providing music to our students each week! The staff is gifted in music, trained and experienced. But most important of all, they love children and desire to see them grow and develop a love of music!
— -Donna Harris, Owner/Director at The Carpenter's Shop Christian Preschool