"A lot of little kids live to get praise from their parents. For her, she could care less to show off, there was no real motivation to get that kind of positive feedback except with music therapy." -Russ Spencer

"People need to realize that this is the therapy that gets them going, gets them moving, gets them understanding and makes them feel part of the community in the sense that music is everywhere. She hears it wherever she is and her eyes light up." -Isa Spencer

"When I have to learn a new skill in music that is challenging, it makes me feel intelligent because if I keep trying I can get it. Sometimes it's hard and I get frustrated, but it helps me to try new things and that makes me so very proud and joyful." -Lucas Pachorek

Therabeat Christmas Recital 2016

A CNN feature on Therabeat Inc. and the power of music therapy.