Harmony Kids Tuition Options:

Per Month: $55 Per Child Per Calendar Month

Tuition Of $55 Is Expected By The First Class Of Each Month.  Any Tuition Not Paid By The First Class Of The Month Will Have A $25.00 Late Fee Attached. All Fees Must Be Paid Before Returning For Future Classes

Little Beats Tuition Options:

Cost: $375 Per Child For The Full Semester. Half Will Be Due At Registration & The Other Half Is Due Halfway Through The Semester.


Payment Methods: Tuition Can Be Paid By Cash, Check (Made Payable To Therabeat, Inc.), Or Credit Card, We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express And Discover.  Monthly Payments Must Be Made Over The Phone Or At The Reception Window Prior To The First Class Each Month.

Autocharge Option: You May Have Your Classes Autocharged On The 1st Business Day Of Each Month.To Enroll In Our Autocharge System Please Email Sibyl McNair At Or Call 770-687-2542.


  * Each Class Needs A Minimum Of 5 Students Registered In Order To Continue.  If You Register For A Class That Less Than 5 Students Register For, We Will Contact You To Let You Know About Other Class Options.  If You Are Not Able To Participate In Any Of Them, You Will Be Reimbursed For Any Registration Fees Paid.

Class Policies:

Absences/Make Ups: Therabeat, Inc. does not offer compensation, refunds or discounts for missed classes. However, if there is another age-appropriate class available for your child to go to, you may schedule a makeup class if your child cannot attend your regularly scheduled class. Please call 770-687-2542 to schedule a makeup class. Twenty-four hour notice is requested. To ensure a quality experience for everyone, we limit the number of families making up or previewing to two per class.

Class Cancellations: Classes will be made up in the event of teacher illness or inclement weather. We will follow the Cherokee County School System decision on school closings, unless we contact you otherwise. Any cancelled classes will be made up by the end of the semester. Please watch the News, and our Therabeat, Inc. Facebook page for weather-related cancellations. Teacher Absence/Illness: In the event of teacher absence or illness, a substitute teacher may teach your class or you may get a call postponing the class. In the case of postponing the class, you will resume classes the following week, and a make-up class will be scheduled

Classroom Etiquette: Please help us minimize distractions by turning off your cell phones and hanging up personal items in designated areas. Remove your shoes and your child’s shoes for class and place them outside the classroom door in the cubbies provided. Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom. You are strongly encouraged to leave snacks, sippy cups, pacifiers, and favorite toys at home or in the car. Your child will need to have his/her hands free to hold musical instruments and fully participate in all activities.

Non-Enrolled Younger Siblings: Non-mobile infant siblings are allowed to attend classes with older siblings if they remain quiet and are kept restrained in an infant seat or sling/Baby Bjorn. In order to ensure the best possible learning environment for each family, mobile siblings may not attend classes. Siblings of all ages are welcome to attend the last 15 minutes of Young Maestro’s Class. Please do not allow siblings to be disruptive during sharing time.

Non-Enrolled Older Siblings: We realize that sometimes, older siblings may be out of school during our class times. To ensure the safety of the younger children, and to maintain a consistent class experience for our enrolled families, we ask that older siblings bring a quiet activity to work on independently. Siblings of all ages are welcome to attend Gathering Time and the last fifteen minutes of Young Maestro’s  with the parent. Please do not allow siblings to be disruptive during sharing time.

Class Arrival: Please wait in our front lobby until 5 minutes prior to the start of your class. At that time, you may walk back to our music room and get your child set up for gathering time.

Please call the office at 770-687-2542 to register for classes.

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