Our goal is to foster the knowledge and love of music in our community through intentional music lessons. We provide lessons for ages 4 and up in the area of voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele. In addition to play of a specific instrument, all of our teachers provide age appropriate lessons of music literacy, music theory/aural skills, performance skills, and practice techniques.


Who Are We?

The Therabeat Music Studio teachers are all board certified and licensed music therapists who hold a Bachelor’s degree of Music. Each member of our team has received extensive training in music theory, aural skills, music performance, and music history. We provide skilled music lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele. To find out more about our team click here:

Why Music Lessons?

We believe that being a musician is for all, not just those who wish to pursue a career in music. Singing or playing of a musical instrument involves the whole brain, and provides the person with a unique experience to improve his/her auditory, motor, visual, and creative skills at one time. Becoming a musician requires regular practice, and presents the opportunity to learn to enter in to the life long experience of the challenging and rewarding process of music making!

Pricing & Locations:

We provide music lessons at our main clinic space in Canton, GA. We also provide lessons at our other clinic spaces in the Greater Atlanta area including Cumming, Acworth, and East Cobb. We provide in home* lessons in the Greater Atlanta area as well. Our pricing is as follows:

$35/half hour


* in home lessons are scheduled based on the availability and proximity to music teacher. Prices for in home lessons may vary.

We provide music lessons on a monthly basis, please click here to review our lesson agreement.


All of our students have the opportunity to perform in 2 Therabeat Music Studio recitals per year. We build each student’s repertoire to encourage pursuing of performance opportunities in school and the community in addition to these 2 performances!


Please call ( 770-687-2542) or email our clinical director, Chelsea Kinsler, to schedule your child’s music lesson today!