Benefits of Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy focuses on social skills, enhanced quality of life, movement, vocalizations, and overall personal wellness.

  • This setting of a music therapy group is fun, allowing patients to let loose - sing, dance, and express themselves while also working on lowering anxiety and raising awareness of others. 
  • Music therapy groups cause patients to laugh, to reminisce, to move, to sing, have elevated moods, and feel healthier!
  • It is sometimes more cost effective for independent living facilities to choose group music therapy sessions over individual sessions because groups cater to more people in the same amount of time.  


Individual music therapy sessions allow the music therapist to direct all of their interventions towards the individual patient’s special objectives and goals.

  • Sessions are based on the patient’s preferred music.
  • Sessions are on a routine schedule.
  • Patients have a more intimate and focused experience, allowing things like higher levels of response.
  • Since individual music therapy sessions are designed to focus directly on the patient’s needs and goals, patients reach individual goals faster in private sessions. 

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