Recreational services

Our services are perfect additions to the programs you already have set in place for your residents. 

We offer a choir, hand bell ensemble, Orff ensemble, and many other music groups. We also assist with performances in the community as well as within the facility. Practicing for a performance has proven to encourage and promote success and a sense of belonging to a group. This will help residents feel a place of belonging. Singing is excellent for memory care as well as maintaining the skills of their youth. Please contact us for more ideas specific to your facility. We can create a music program that is perfect to suit the needs of your residents. As music therapists, we understand the needs of each population we work with and how to develop an effective group to promote success and learning.

Scheduling Options

Our company offers group one hour sessions. If your facility starts with once a week and wants to try twice a week, simply discuss available times with your music therapist. One-on-one sessions are also available.

Terms and Conditions

Expectations of Facility

The music therapist requests a location within your facility where sessions can be held on a regular basis. Familiarity and comfort are important to residents, and we want them to feel safe and know exactly where they are when attending therapy sessions. The Music Therapist requests a briefing before each session to learn of concerns or changes (medical, emotional, physical) in participating residents. The music therapist requests a phone call at least 24 hours in advance if the facility needs to cancel or reschedule a session. The Music Therapist wants all residents to feel welcomed into the session, but not feel like they have to stay. An open-door session allows residents to be more engaged because they are choosing to participate.

Expectations of Music Therapist

The facility can expect the Music Therapist to be on time or early. The facility can expect the Music Therapist to be understanding and open to suggestions. The facility can expect the Music Therapist to be respectful of each resident’s beliefs and engagement in sessions. No resident will be forced to participate. We understand that some residents will need to observe before they feel comfortable in singing and moving, but our predictable schedule will allow them to loosen up faster. The facility can expect the Music Therapist to dress professionally, be flexible in the event of a schedule change, and available by phone/email when necessary.


Group music therapy is $100.00 per hour. Facilities may request a discount for multiple music therapy hours offered weekly. Each community will be invoiced on a monthly basis, unless otherwise specified.