Team Therabeat would like to thank you for choosing us and welcome you to our family.

Getting started with an initial evaluation or therapy is very simple.

Call our office at 770-345-2804
Our office staff will ask you a few questions to determine your child’s therapeutic needs and get some basic information for our records.

Obtain a prescription for therapy from your child’s doctor for music therapy.
Either our staff or you can contact your doctor to facilitate getting a prescription.
If a referral is required by your insurance company, it is your responsibility to obtain that from the doctor.

Verification of insurance benefits
Our Billing Manager will call you to explain your therapy benefits outlined by your insurance company, including coverage limits or exclusions, as well as any deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance you are responsible for. Music therapy is considered out of network. At this time, you will be able to confirm whether or not you would like to pursue an evaluation and/or treatment.

Schedule an appointment
If your child has not received an evaluation for the therapy you are seeking within the last 6 months, we will schedule an initial evaluation. After the initial evaluation, if treatment is recommended for your child, we will offer you a therapy time slot that is consistent week to week.

Return paperwork for therapist’s review
All forms are available for download at the link above or we would be happy to mail or email them to you directly. We request that you return your paperwork to our office 3-4 business days prior to your child’s initial appointment. This gives our therapists time to review your forms, as well as any additional paperwork and background information you wish to provide. You are welcome to drop off, mail, email to, or fax your paperwork to 770-783-5049.