What’s it like being a Harmony Kids music teacher?

 I have worked for Therabeat Inc. since March 2012. My first job as a Therabeat Inc. employee was a Kindermusik educator. I was so excited to begin this part of my job as I had completed my Kindermusik educator training the previous summer. I was so anxious to teach my first class. I had so many notes and had written out exactly what I wanted to say. I was so nervous because I wanted each family to know just how important music is to the development of their child. I am so passionate about music therapy and the benefits of music for the brain. I prayed that I could be that vessel for each parent to learn how to best help their child develop a love for music. Music has always been my saving grace. I have been apart of music for as long as I can remember. It was always apart of me. It was what I turned to when I felt alone and when I felt joyful. I long each and every day to share just a glimpse of that passion with the families and children I serve.

 In June 2014, Therabeat Inc. moved to teaching Harmony Kids music classes. This seemed like a perfect fit, because as a music therapist we understand how to develop curriculum. We know how to design each session to fit the needs of the children, socially, emotionally, and physically. The sessions are developed to incorporate the levels of play and to target the age appropriate development for each child. It has been an incredible blessing and the highlight of my week to see kids return each week to class. They run down the hall, bursting with energy and relationships have formed. Families have become friends and the children have become friends. There is a routine and sense of predictability in the sessions. I love when families show me videos of their child singing the songs at home and in their daily life. Children are forming lasting memories and they are doing it with music!

 I highly recommend Harmony Kids music classes! Music is a wonderful medium to promote joy, relationships, and physical well-being. I hope to see you in a class this semester!

 Chelsea Kinsler LPMT, MT-BC