I felt like a proud mom watching each one of my kids perform during the recital. The weeks leading up to it, I could feel the excitement growing in each of the clients.

I actually got little nervous butterflies when it was performance time. I wanted everyone to do so well and I just hoped I could be there for each one if he or she needed. I knew they were ready – I had a good feeling everyone would do well and boy did they! 

It was amazing to see some kids who had been so nervous before, come up on stage, perform for a big audience, and proudly take a bow. One of my clients had been too nervous to bow after giving a practice performance in our session one day, but after he performed at the recital, not only did he take his bow, but he also raised his arms up high and shouted “Yea!” while running back to his seat! It was awesome to witness how thrilled he was about his accomplishment! 

Another client I see made me get all teary-eyed and get goose bumps. He sings so well and we had worked a lot with him to have appropriate performance etiquette, such as holding the microphone properly, not making loud noises into the microphone, and keeping his hands down so not to lick and wipe his mouth nervously. When he sang, he exhibited absolutely none of the off-task behaviors and gave such an amazing and sweet performance of “Hallelujah”. I was so proud of him, I just wanted to go up and give him the biggest hug. I can’t even imagine how proud his family felt!

I had fun performing with two other clients! They both charmed the crowd, one with his dance moves and the other with his original lyrics, in which he included family members into the song. Their enthusiasm was infectious.

Two brothers I see did a duet on piano and recorder and it was so sweet to see them working together, listening to the other for musical cues of when to play.

One kid went right for the trophy after he finished his performance…it was adorably hilarious! He just knew he did so well!

It was truly a special day watching everyone become so focused, striving to do their best as they performed their songs. They all did wonderfully. My heart swells again just thinking about it! Like I said, it was a proud mom feeling over here. Seriously one of the most heart-warming things I’ve ever been a part of. It made me so thankful to be doing what I’m doing!!