This post brings me a lot of joy to write! I have had the opportunity to be apart of the Babies Can’t Wait (BCW) program with Cobb/Douglas county now for 3 years. I have learned so much through this program. The therapists who work with BCW have an immense amount of invaluable experience. Through sessions and meetings with these therapists I have become a better therapist. The therapists knowledge of child development, milestones, diagnoses and treatment have taught me so much. I credit much of my knowledge to these wonderful people. I have learned how to better deliver progress of a session. I feel I can discuss treatment and goals with more conviction with my families. I feel the experience has been incredible to help me become more experienced and knowledgeable! 

Shine is an amazing opportunity to bring these individual families together. To use my knowledge of early intervention to help families bond with their children and aid with their skill development through music! This class will help caregivers better understand their child and development. It is themed for each month and will include many of the same interventions each week so that the children become familiar with the routine. Each class starts with the same hello song and ends with the same goodbye song. The predictability and routine of music aids with familiarity and provides structure. The class promotes social skills and aids in cognitive and communication development. It will help with learning turn-taking skills. I can’t promote this class enough! I look forward to having amazing turn out with this class! Please call today to register your child and don’t miss this amazing opportunity!