We have partnered with the carpenter's Shop for several years now! They have a wonderful staff at their school that shares the love of Jesus with all that enter their building. The director, Donna Harris, writes about the influence of music on her students below: 

"Children naturally love music!  Whether it's soft and soothing or a lively tune, children feel it both emotionally and physically.  Music plays an important role in our curriculum and daily activities.   At The Carpenter's Shop,  we believe that music learning supports ALL learning!

In addition to our curriculum, we are blessed to partner with Therabeat at In Harmony Pediatric Therapy Clinic.  Mrs. Jennifer Puckett, Mrs. Chelsea Kinsler and the staff at Therabeat provide each of our classrooms with a weekly music class.   Through these classes, our students benefit in so many ways. We are grateful to Therabeat for providing a musically rich environment that enhances language development, encourages creativity and imagination, improves listening skills , helps children express emotion and most important of all...lots of love, laughter and music!"

Donna L. Harris
The Carpenter's Shop Christian Preschool
367 Green Drive
Canton, Ga. 30114