One of my favorite services that Therabeat Inc. provides are the family classes. There is something very special about watching parents and their children (and even siblings!) interact through musical interventions. Music is such a powerful tool for fostering joint attention and cooperation. It should come as no surprise that music has the ability to positively improve the relationship between a parent and their child.

In this particular research study, it was concluded that parent-child music groups facilitated harmonious communication. The hello and goodbye songs facilitated development of coordinated routines and there was evidence of mutual cooperation when the parents attempted to scaffold their child’s participation by comforting them and engaging in social referencing. Each child’s attention was captivated by the musical tasks which motivated them to participate. The parents found delight in watching their child participate while the child experienced play exploration, shared excitement, and cuddling. Each of these factors contributed to positive emotional ambiance. Another perk of the family classes is that the parents actually get to see first-hand the progress their child is making. Many times, the parents are amazed at how their child will respond in the music group compared with how they typically respond at home. Music is a beautiful avenue for bringing people together and don’t we need more of that in this world! Consider having more musical interactions with your child and maybe even join a Therabeat family class. It will definitely be worth a try.

Pasiali, Varvara (2012). Supporting parent-child interactions: music therapy as an intervention for promoting mutually responsive orientation. Journal of Music Therapy, 49(3), 303-334.