We are so excited to begin offering adaptive lessons in a band setting! As a team, we have realized the need for our kiddos to build meaningful relationships with their peers. Music gives people a unique opportunity to build community together--by building creative and beautiful products together! For all of human history, people have built society around song--it is our means of expressing the experience of life together. This is why we have chosen to offer adaptive lessons in a small group setting of 2-3 kiddos. In this setting, kids will learn how to play an instrument of their choice (piano, percussion, ukulele, guitar, or voice) while also learning how to play with other people. The goals of these groups are two-fold. On one hand, learning an instrument builds individual cognitive and fine motor skills, and on the other, learning to play music with other people builds listening, group cooperation, and social skills. Our hope is that through adaptive lesson small groups, our kiddos will learn autonomy and self-confidence of being individually responsible for their own part, while also learning to work with and build meaningful relationships with their fellow group members. This group setting is for kiddos that want to build social skills, and want to build musical skills, but need a therapeutic setting to do so. The great thing about this group, is that it is for kiddos that may have some experience on an instrument or no experience at all! To find out if adaptive lesson groups would be best for your child, call Perry Wright LPMT, MT-BC (229-347-2767). MT will have a consultation with the family to form bands.