This January has marked two years as part of the Therabeat team. One of my greatest joys has been teaching Harmony kids music classes. Every Tuesday morning I am met with the sweet faces of tiny ones ready to learn. Except, they aren’t aware that they are learning--they come to play, and that is exactly the goal!









We build our Harmony kids curriculum to foster learning, growth & development, and interpersonal skills through musical play. We accomplish this by planning classes that are interactive, structured, and give time for free exploration. In every class, we want to get your little one moving, singing, playing instruments, and playing with their peers.



This Spring, we are offering two different classes for you and your little one as we break in our brand new group room in our new clinic!



Stories & Songs: Mondays 11:00-11:45


Ages 0-5


This is our newest offering! This class will focus on fostering a love of language and the telling of stories. Each month, we will focus on the reading of 1 cherished story book. Your children will get to know these stories through focusing on themes and concepts in the story through movement, singing, and instrument play. This class will  be taught by Hayley Echols, LPMT, MT-BC.



Music & Me Family Class: Tuesdays 11:00-11:45


Ages 0-5


This class is perfect for the whole family! In this class, we will sing, dance, and play instruments! We will be focusing on the play of 1 instrument family each month to learn age appropriate concepts, foster the love of music, work on fine and gross motor skills, and learn how to play with others. This class will be taught by Perry Wright, LPMT, MT-BC.



Call 770-345-2804 to sign up for class today and join the fun!



Registration is $55/month per child. Worried that you might not be able to make every class? Don’t worry! Although we suggest coming consistently to one class, you are more than welcome to come to either Monday or Tuesday Class in order to makeup classes.



We can’t wait to see our new group room filled with bright faces ready to engage in music!



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