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Music therapy advocacy, in all forms, is such an important and efficient way to express the effectiveness of music therapy. For that reason, Therabeat, Inc. continues to support and advocate for music therapy in many wonderful ways, and for many wonderful populations.


This past weekend, Jennifer, our music therapy intern Alaina, and I were pleased to be one of many vendors for the Cherokee Triad S.A.L.T. Senior Adult Fair Extravaganza at the First Baptist Church Woodstock Conference Center. We had the pleasure of spreading the joy of music to a wide variety of listeners with our display of instruments, music therapy fact sheets, and smiling faces! We also enjoyed walking around and meeting all of the other vendors in attendance. It was a phenomenal teaching and learning experience for us, and we look forward to continuing our mission to advocate for music therapy throughout the community!


-Morgan Minyard, LPMT, MT-BC