Hello! My name is Michaela Shockcor and I am thrilled to be joining the Therabeat team as a music therapy intern. I am from Columbus, OH and recently finished my academic course work at Ohio University. Some of you may be wondering why a new college graduate packed up and moved her life 10 hours away, and here’s the reason why. While at Ohio University, I worked with multiple populations, but always felt my heart belonged working with children and adolescents. For the past few summers, I have been a teacher's aid to a transition classroom and enjoyed every minute of my experience there. When an intensive search began for various music therapy internships, a professor recommended that I contact the Therabeat team. So, I did and thoroughly enjoyed everything this program had to offer. From advocacy to music recitals, Therabeat will allow me to form my personal music therapy style and voice, as well as become a well rounded individual with all of the lessons I will learn

Amid my first week here, I have felt welcomed by everyone I have met and it’s just the beginning! From observing occupational, physical, and speech therapy to meeting everyone during music therapy, I am forming new relationships and learning so much. The various teaching styles each therapist bring to their sessions has allowed for new techniques and a greater understanding of why we do what we do. To learn from a teacher is wonderful, but to learn things from a child is even better. During internship, I hope to gain a greater love for music and working with children and adolescents, as well as immense growth in my music therapy skills and techniques. I am someone who is always willing to push myself in new opportunities, in order to become better than I was before.

I can tell that Therabeat and In Harmony Pediatric Therapy will keep my on my toes with new adventures and opportunities each and every day!

-Michaela Shockcor, Music Therapy Intern