I cannot believe I’m at the end of my internship, but I can believe that this internship was the right one for me! It’s amazing to look back just 6 months ago and compare it to where I am now. To think about all I have learned over this time is astounding. I have absolutely grown as a music therapist under the guidance of these amazing music therapists at Therabeat and I am so grateful I was able to do my internship here. The type of training that is offered is invaluable. Not only did I have the opportunity to do music therapy with a variety of children from 1.5 years -18 years, but I was also able to work with adults at a rehabilitation center as well as with geriatric patients. On top of all that, I got to observe a variety of therapies at In Harmony including speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. This extensive range of experiences has allowed me to gain so many valuable tools to put in my music therapy toolbox, as Jen would say!

I feel prepared to be a real life music therapist and continue this journey, but how bittersweet it is to finish this internship. These amazing kids have truly taught me so much – not just about how to be a music therapist and what works and what doesn’t, but also what it really means to be a music therapist. They have taught me about life. Helping these kids achieve their goals while making music with them was just a blessing and I was honored to get to work with them and help them grow! But man, with as much preparation as this internship offers, saying goodbye to these wonderful kiddos was something I was not prepared for. I will miss every one of my kids more than I can put into words. All of them are so unique and so individual and kept me on my toes for sure, but I really thank each one of them for teaching me and helping me grow too! No matter where I go next, I will always remember my first music therapy clients fondly.

And Jen, Chelsea, Alison, Haylee, and Anna Katheryn, thank you to all of you for helping me improve my skills and making me feel like a part of the team! I had so much fun getting to know you all through this experience and I will miss you all too! Ugh goodbyes are hard, but it’s just because of how happy I am to have gotten to know the team and the clients here. I will be back to visit for sure, but until then, wishing everyone the best New Year and Merry Christmas!! 



Stephanie Schecter