Oh what fun! That was my response after participating in the team Therabeat in-service on November 11th. It is an honor and a privilege to work with such talented, selfless, and creative therapists. The members of team Therabeat are these things and more. I believe nothing makes us happier than helping the children that we service. This was definitely displayed through the interventions that were presented during our intervention idea swap.

During this intervention swap the therapists and interns shared their developed interventions, manipulatives, and found resources that are used to target various goals and objectives that they are aiming to reach during sessions. Interventions and ideas shared targeted such areas as cognition, academic, and idea development; oral motor, fine motor, and gross motor skills; and communication and social skills. Some of these interventions were also fun and entertaining ideas developed around this season of the year and the holidays and famous icons such as Santa Claus and Thanksgiving Turkeys.


Check out a few of our holiday related ideas:


"Little Snowflake"
By: Laurie Berkner

(*To the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I'm a little snowflake, icy and round
I fall from the sky (and I don't make a sound)
When it's cold I'll stay all day and When it's warm I melt away-


"He'll be Coming Down the Chimney when he Comes"

He’ll be comin’ down the chimney when he comes, ho, ho, ho.
He’ll be comin’ down the chimney when he comes, ho, ho, ho.
He’ll be comin’ down the chimney, comin’ down the chimney,
he’ll be comin’ down the chimney when he comes, ho, ho, ho.

He’ll be flying with his reindeer when he comes. Where’s Rudolph?

We’ll leave him milk and cookies when he comes. Yum, yum!

Now, we better go to sleep so he will come. Snore, snore!

And we’ll all say Merry Christmas when he comes. Merry Christmas!

He’ll be sneezing down the chimney when he comes. Achoo!

He’ll be clapping down the chimney when he comes. Clap, clap!

He’ll be dancing around the chimney when he goes. Yahoo!

"Rudolph! Rudolph!"

Rudolph! Rudolph!
What will you do?
You can't guide Santa
If your nose is blue!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
You're such a silly fellow.
Who will know it's you
If your nose is yellow!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Your way cannot be seen
Through the wintry weather
If your nose is green!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Santa gave a wink.
But what will Santa think
If your nose is pink?

Rudolph! Rudolph!
It's time to fly at night
But you're quite a sight
Cause your nose is white!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
It's time to go to town
But Santa's wearing a frown
Cause your nose is brown!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Santa has his sack.
But you're not ready
'Cause your nose is black!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
The children are in bed.
And now I know you're ready
'Cause your nose is red!

(*Have printed and laminated black and white Rudolph and different color dots for his nose.)