“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” –Jeremiah 29:11

When I think of my first week of internship, those words come to mind—I feel full of hope for my future as a music therapist, and more importantly, I see the bright future music therapy helps create for these awesome kids I have a chance to work with!

After four years of course work at UGA, the long-awaited music therapy internship has begun, and it still feels surreal to be in the real world of practicing music therapy. I am still stunned with how blessed and thankful I feel to be interning at Therabeat. People say that the transition out of college can be a trying time, but this past week has proven to be a smooth and wonderful experience. I have already learned so much from observing the amazing music therapists at Therabeat, as well as the other therapy disciplines that are all part of In Harmony Pediatrics. I’ve also been affirmed so many times this week that music therapy is such an incredible and viable field of therapy that is meaningful for so many kids!

In my first week, I’ve been absorbing so many lessons and approaches to music therapy from the Therabeat team. The thing that has stuck out the most to me so far is how individualized each session is for each child. Interventions are planned based on the personality and needs of each client, and catered to facilitate a healthy amount of success and challenges so that each child can grow to their potential. This has taught me an important lesson in session planning for each client, and how to be flexible in your session plans based on how clients come into the sessions.

I have also really enjoyed how the Therabeat team has been so eager to share their wealth of knowledge with me, and through this I am learning so much from every session I observe! The environment in the clinic is creative and full of joy—a great space to encourage and inspire a young intern to learn to be a competent and effective music therapist. As I reflect on my first week, I am super thankful for this incredible experience, and looking forward to 6 months of learning and growing into a well-rounded and educated therapist.