A burst of words comes to my mind when I begin to describe the first week of my internship!  Words like “amazing”, “exciting”, “warm”, “joyful” and “awe-inspiring” fill my head when I begin to tell my friends and family about this great thing that is happening. This “thing” is starting my first week in a new chapter of life by having the opportunity to pursue this wonderful field of music therapy! This week has given me further confirmation that this is the field where I am truly supposed to be.

So, let me tell you about this place and the amazing individuals that work here! The environment itself is incredible and organized into distinguishable sections. It is well thought out with the gyms, music rooms, office spaces, lights and even the color of the walls. And the people! Every single person I have met who works at Therabeat and In Harmony Pediatrics is so nice, friendly, and helpful. It is a warm community and I am thrilled to already feel like a part of it.

All of the music therapy supervisors are wonderful and I have already learned so much from each of them. It’s easy to see how much the therapists really care about each individual client; and on the flip side of that, it is easy to see how much the clients love and are benefitting from music therapy. It has been fascinating observing not only how the music therapists carefully cater to each child’s specific needs, but also how they are so able to adapt to meet the client where they are on a particular day while still striving towards the child’s long-term goals.

To think about how much I will grow in these next 6 months of my internship is crazy and exciting because in just the first week I feel like I have already taken in so much and experienced things that have pushed me and challenged me. I know I am under good hands with my training here and that I will become the best music therapist I can be. To sum it up, I am very grateful to be here!