As my internship comes to an end, I am reminded of how thankful and blessed I am to be a part of such an awesome team. I am thankful for my short time at Therabeat and my how time flies! It is bittersweet as I think of the lives I have grown to be a part of and families I have gotten to know and love, but in a couple short weeks I will be board certified music therapist. What an accomplishment! I want to especially thank the whole In Harmony team. Each one of those wonderful ladies are incredible to work with. They are full of knowledge and encouraging words daily that got me where I am now. I had the privilege of observing and even co-treating with occupational, physical, and speech therapy, which helped me to better meet the needs of children as a music therapist. I am also thankful for my loving and supportive family and fiancée. It hasn’t been the easiest being six hours away, but they never stopped encouraging me. All in all, I cannot be more excited to be able to spread the joy of music therapy in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. All thanks to my awesome internship!