Time flies when you’re having fun! I cannot believe that my time as a music therapy intern is coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday that I had my orientation and met my sweet co-intern, Aubrey. Many things have happened since I began my internship. I have had the opportunity to see children grow in their confidence through performing for others, I have had the sweet privilege of leading individual sessions, group sessions at “The Carpenter’s Shop” pre-school and Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center and much more! I was able to accompany one of the kiddos at Riverfest…AND….I GOT MARRIED!!! Whoa! A big life change there! But my husband has been extremely supportive of me during my internship and he even serves as my guinea pig when I am excited about trying a new intervention with a patient the next day.

This internship experience has really been a dream come true. I cannot explain how blessed I feel to genuinely enjoy my work each day and to be surrounded by a team of people with such wisdom, knowledge & experience. That is why I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to officially become part of the team once I am board-certified and licensed!

It is almost Thanksgiving…so I will share a few things that I am thankful for:

  • The beautiful children that have taught me about patience, compassion and determination and who have allowed me to grow as a music therapist without even realizing the impact they’ve made on my life.
  • The parents of these children who entrusted me to work with their children knowing that I was in the midst of a learning process and growth period.
  • The Therabeat team who has guided me well and stretched me out of my comfort zone so that I could soak up as much music therapy knowledge as possible.
  • The entire team at In Harmony Pediatric Therapy who has been so welcoming and helpful in teaching me more about PT, OT and Speech Therapy.
  • The gift of music and how it reaches people that some never thought could be reached.